Falgarwood Ridge Residents’ Association Inc.


Welcome to the Falgarwood Ridge Residents’ Association.  We deal with issues covering the Falgarwood Drive on the Iroquois Shore ridge. We are currently dealing with excessive noise and pollution from industry directly below the ridge.

If you have questions, please email us. 


The Falgarwood Ridge Residents Association Inc. is constituted for the purpose of furthering and protecting the common interests of its members relating to real estate, zoning, municipal planning and any other matter touching on or relating to real property within the membership area.

Serving residents within the area of Falgarwood Drive area which is defined as that area bound by the houses at 1095 and 1233 on the north side of the street and by the houses 1090 and 1240 on the south side of the street, inclusive.

Join the Association!
Join with your friends and neighbours to help address issues vital to our community. We welcome involvement at all levels. If you simply wish to become a member, send us an email at info@frrai.ca. 

To join FRRAI you need to reside within the area bounded by: 1095 to 1233 on the north side of Falgarwood Drive and 1090 to 1240 on the south side of Falgarwood Drive. If you are outside these boundaries but would still like to connect with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please visithttp://www.oakville.ca/resassoc.htm for our associations boundaries.

Please email us at info@frrai.ca

Email us at info@frrai.ca

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